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Flexlink, LLC — Specialty Papers, Films and Laminations

Flexlink markets customized specialty papers, films and laminations to a broad range of industrial markets throughout the world. Flexlink serves the following industries:

  • Packaging/Interleaving for the Metal, Glass and Plastics Industries
  • Base Papers, Films and Synthetic Substrates for the Durable Tag & Label Market
  • Flame Resistant Papers
  • Flexible and Industrial Packaging Papers

We partner with you to create customized, technical papers, films, synthetics and laminations to meet your specific needs. Along with a repertoire of customized products, Flexlink combines a worldwide supply base with advanced technical skills to provide best-in-class product development, quality and service. We then utilize a nation-wide network of converters to take your product from vision to finished product. And because we are always looking for new markets and new niches, we encourage you to call us to see how we can be of service to your company or organization because we enjoy any challenge that you can throw at us.

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Call us at (216) 283–6107 and let's discuss how Flexlink can be of service to you.